Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Chestertown Tea Party

If you are in Maryland... come see me on Saturday:
Chestertown Tea Party
Saturday, May 28 from 10 to 4
Space #34 on High St. between Queen and Water St.
Chestertown MD    Check the info here.

I took a little painting break this week because I had so much to do. Took my Suburban to the shop for inspection. Picked the RV up from the lot and took it to New Holland also for inspection. Worked around the house and yard a bit. Errands: post office, UPS, groceries, etc. Ran to pick up the RV and scrubbed and waxed it. Linda asked me to unlock it so she could check inside and my key did not work... the RV place gave me the wrong set of keys so I had to drive back to New Holland to get the correct ones. I am always amazed how places conduct business. I know they are super busy and have more work than they can handle and I like them but they should be trying to woo me and to sell me a newer bigger RV! They offered to mail  my keys, are you kidding, with our postal service it would take a week, we are leaving on Thursday. I had to drive back and correct their mistake. Took over an hour round trip of my time, for the second time in a day. Maybe a $20 gift card to use later or even a free roll of camper toilet paper! Maybe a "we are very very sorry".   Back home to pack for our weekend show. Plus camping stuff plus tandem stuff if the weather co-operates. We had our air conditioners serviced this morning by a nice young man just started his own business. I recommend him if you are near Lititz. Cameron Hawthorne cell: 717-990-6008   And I had my implant checkup at the oral surgeons. We started watching Call the Midwife on Netflix and I must say I have been enjoying it so add it to your list. Probably more of a woman's series but I like it.
See... no time to paint!

Meanwhile the remodel is showing signs of progress. Drywall is starting!  But I caution Linda not to get too excited, there is still a long way to go.

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