Thursday, February 10, 2022

2022 Still Life #5

 mini original watercolor

From Williamsburg, VA... cannot go wrong with blue and white bowls!

Commission Update:    I now have a final OK and I may start painting!    These objects are very special family pieces and they needed placed in special angles.  The difference from Mondays drawing is the position of the pig.  I had to totally erase him and redraw it.  It has been approved!  I am anxious to start painting.

Home Update:  We found a good home for the single sleep number bed.   Linda declared the cottage is READY  to rent. Posted on Facebook and someone is looking tomorrow!  Sounds like a good match. We made decisions on the new farmhouse kitchen sink after a lot of research and help.  Hoping to order that tomorrow.  Made some other kitchen decisions.   Cleared a space for 35 sheets of drywall, lauan and insulation.   Linda has been packing up antiques and the kitchen.   Plumbing and electric is now in the laundry room.  PROGRESS!

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your updates on the commissioned painting and seeing your work as well, especially the lovely light and viewpoints. Thanks