Thursday, September 2, 2021

2021 Sunflower #3


SOLD!  $145. (unframed) 4x6” mini original watercolor

Available to the 1st person to email
(framing $35 - shipping available at cost)
If unsold by 9/4 the price goes to $225

Sunflower #3  Standing tall

This Weekend is Heart of Lancaster!
My space is #136 (my usual spot)
FREE!!  Grab a friend and come out and see me!

Vacation: How can it be Friday?  It is time to pack up and move on. I mentioned variety, this morning we did a RailRide!  We have done this in a different area and each time the experience is a bit different but it is fun.  You do not need skill, almost anyone can do this, it is 5 miles round trip.  The guide did a great job narrating and giving some history as we pedaled along. 

Riding the rail...

Here are our friends, we were behind them.

Now on to Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion.  Covid was hard on this site.  The gardens struggled without anyone tending them and the Mansion needs work. They do have an outstanding collection of trees on the grounds.  I don't want to give a poor review because they need tourists to visit to help keep it up.  It was a bit shabby, if you could overlook that and see the opulent mansion it once was you will enjoy it.  I feel a little spoiled with Longwood and Winterthur at my fingertips and Sonnenberg is along the same lines without the financial help.   It is still worth your time if you are in the area.  Off to check into our B&B;  Los Gatos.  The grounds were beautiful and so was our view.  This is where I got my sunflower inspiration.  They spoiled us with delicious breakfasts and kindness.

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