Thursday, July 29, 2021

Collector Series on YouTube

 My latest video is now posted on YouTube.  It is called "Andy Smith Collector Series" and the first guest collector is Rose Ellen.  She has collected my work for the past 20 years.  I can say she truly loves her paintings and they look stunning in her home.  Click HERE to watch the video.  It is only 1.51 minutes short so enjoy!  I thank Rich for doing a great job filming and editing and the soundtrack is a recording of him on his baritone guitar, how cool is that!  Linda is thinking it was worth every penny so she does not have to do it.  I have a few more lined up after I pay off this one!

I did not have time to paint my blog today.  It was errands day.  We picked up an order of frames, then went for a pedicure. Yes, I get a pedicure and I am not too proud to say my sad dogs feel wonderful when they are finished.   A few years ago Linda twisted my arm and dragged me in kicking and screaming.  After the first time, getting over being one of the only men in there... now I love it.  Oh, the things you hear.  A woman scheduled a back wax for her husband...ouch... now that made me feel pretty lucky, I'll do my feet anytime!  Back to the errands; checked on the camper, stopped for pretzels and then to the grocery store.  A full day.  I did start the drawing for a small commission.  Sending that for approval.  It's a gift so I cannot post it for a while.

Reminder:  Saturday I will be at booth 153 near the pavilions.  The weather should be perfect for a day in the park.  Come see me!

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