Monday, June 7, 2021


 I am still concentrating on my commission.  This one is a lot of work but it is coming along nicely. 

 I want to remind everyone this weekend is my June Open Backyard. Bring a friend and stop in!  Let everyone know, spread the word, everyone is welcome.
June 11-13:  Andy Smiths Backyard is Open
                     4 N Spruce St.   Lititz, PA
                      Open 10 to 4    Closed if it is raining but I am expecting a beautiful weekend.
Original Paintings and Prints will be on display and I will be demonstrating.

Question of the Day:   Do you follow trends in decoration or use the color of the year?
NO! I do not even pay attention.  A trend becomes popular for a while and then the next best thing comes along.   I do not even know what the latest color is.  I simply paint, I am looking for longevity.   I have a solid color pallete, I do not add the latest colors, I mix whatever color I need.  I am not interested in remaking myself every year.  I do not change my style or subject matter to try to fit into an area.  I am not painting beachy pastel things just to fit into Florida.  I believe traditional subjects in realistic style are always in fashion. 
 Luckily my clients agree!  I have been blessed to simply paint what is in me. 

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