Sunday, June 20, 2021

Family visit...

FINALLY... after 11 months we were able to visit Abbey and Ben... Family time!  We spent several days at their cottage in the Catskills in NY.  A very good reason I was off the blog for a few days!  As you can see our days were filled exploring the area, hiking, waterfalls, lakes and lots of forest.

Ben cooked and made amazing cocktails and we sat under the stars with a fire.   

We own a few adirondack chairs that Linda's Grandfather made.  We were not ready to give them up so we asked a very gifted friend to use one of our chairs and make a pattern and then build 6 chairs for Abbey and Ben.  They are red Oak and are beautiful.

Next we will be spending a few days with friends at the beach...Then I have two 8x10 commissions to paint and THEN I will be back to A Painting A Day and I am thinking it will be the Catskill mountains or beach scenes!

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