Sunday, January 3, 2021


Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021.  Thank you for all the support and love you shared in the past year.  Even with all my shows cancelled I still was able to paint.  You all helped me stay busy and continue to earn a living.  I am blessed.  

My last commission for the year was a 25th wedding anniversary gift.  
The story:  My client and his family go to Maine every year.  They have a special spot and every year they take photos of their girls sitting on this rock; a great way to watch them grow up.  I was allowed to view these special family photos.  He wanted all that was special about the rock and the view interpreted into a special painting.  I worked from a dozen photos to be able to get the movement and color in the water, the houses on the point, a sail boat, the exact shape of the surrounding rocks, the sky, the little roses in the bushes and that big special rock.    Framed 21x17

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Barrie Bavis said...

Beautiful story and beautiful interpretation put into your rock!!