Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 Holiday #20...last one!

4X6" miniature original watercolor - A Painting A Day

$145. (unframed)
Available to the 1st person to  email
(framing $35 - shipping available at cost and free giftwrapping)
If unsold by 1/1 the price goes to $275

Another one from Lititz
This is it for my Holiday Series!
I am going to paint  "Winter" next with a few still life pieces thrown in.
But first I am taking a few days off!

No time to spare...
I don't even know how I managed to get this painting finished today.  Luckily I drew it last night while watching a wonderful series called Escape to the Chateau.  Makes me feel like I am in France!  I knew my day was going to be hectic but it was over the top ugly. I had a TV and a remote to set up for Grandpa and I get a message from our tenant in the cottage that there is no hot water...   First off is plumbing issues.   Called my usual handyman brother-in-law and he doesn't know a lot about gas hot water heaters.   Tried a plumber, booked 2 weeks out.  Called a bike buddy with "skills" and he came right out.  To be continued.

Meanwhile Grandpa (86 yrs old) lives above the studio, he has been having TV and remote issues, actually the devices are not the real issue... enough said!    We ordered a smart TV which arrived this morning.  At 9am we went to pick up a new extra large remote that our provider, Blue Ridge Cable uses to pair the TV with cable...  I can't pair it.  Called tech support, on hold forever.  Finally we try for about 45 minutes and she gives up and passes us onto a higher level support.  Again on hold...forever.  Connects and tries again for another 45 min and we all decided the big remotes do not work well.  I drove back to the cable company and exchanged remotes for the normal size.  Again, I could not seem to get it to work.  So, back to tech support.  On hold FOREVER  but finally success!  At least until he presses all the buttons...
We ordered an Alexa...don't know if I can make it work.  I need easy or I'll be fixing this everyday!! 
I painted between the holds!  So here I am a bit late but with my painting finished, hot water heater has hot water and as of this moment the TV and remote are working... and I am exhausted!  Now I am going to pour us both a Jameson cold brew and call it a night.

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