Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 Wren ~ Bird #9

5X5" miniature original watercolor - A Painting A Day   

This is the last of the wrens. I was told she is sitting at a birdhouse with her babies.

Rambling Thoughts: How can a whole weekend go by without anything to talk about... We ordered take out from Lombardo in Lancaster. Sad that a drive to Lancaster is an exciting highlight. Two bike wheels I bought, used, arrived and I spent several hours cleaning them. There is more to that but Linda said it is only interesting to other bikers, so I will not bore you with how I had to remove the tires and scrape off excessive glue... It was fairly nice in Lititz on Saturday but we had 3 clients stopping in to pick up paintings and they were spaced just far enough apart that I could not leave. So no riding all weekend.  We binge watched a great western (Linda loves westerns!) Godless, yes it was pretty violent in a Western shoot em up way!   I can tell Linda is getting a bit buggy, I am seeing lots of saved travel searches. I am guessing the moment we get an "all clear" we are on the road (or airplane!). I am praying for a peaceful week for our nation.

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