Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Landscape #17

Landscape #17   Framed 8x10     $250

There is something peaceful and interesting about an orchard.
The price includes acid free framing, a coupon for 2 free shrink wrapped mini prints ($25 value) and I will throw in FREE SHIPPING!
Paintings are available to the first person to email or call 717.627.3383
All are framed in black wood frames however you may have them in walnut frames.

I (gratefully) have 4 commissions lined up and in various stages of starting.   I decided on paper choice, taped paper to a board and have two sketched.  I can only share one of the 4 because they are gifts.   I added a bit to the painting I am working on for myself so I will show that later this week.  Other than this I am not sure where all my time has gone or what I have done with it!  Ok, I am getting pretty much bike riding time in.   I am painting daily.   I did sand and prime three windows on our cottage.  Linda has this list... a long list of house things to do while we are home.  A whole three items have been crossed off.  Ordered a power washer... I am in trouble.
It is easier showing!!

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