Thursday, May 28, 2020

a day off!

My finished water commission was shipped off to Louisiana. My client got to title it... "Memories of Peggy’s Cove".

We took the day off Wednesday and actually took a 3 mile hike in the woods. We have been trying to get out once a week. But by evening I was itchy to get started on a new painting. I am waiting on the photos and instructions for the next commission so I decided to start one for myself.  Wait till you see this!! I am going big...with no regard to price, image is 21x25" !   I picked a new paper -  Handmade Indigo Artpapers.   The photo was taken by my daughter (no pressure!) from Maine.
Here is the start...  I am not telling you what it is, you will have to watch it develop.

I can tell you this paper was made for large wet on wet painting.  A bit of a challenge for my detail but it is fun.  I used my large wash brushes that have not been used in a while.

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