Monday, June 8, 2020

Weekend update

Busy weekend, we had a wonderful dinner in the back yard with friends.  I put up one of my teaching tables and each couple sat on an end.  It is just nice spending time with friends.  On Sunday I got out out tandem bike and Linda and I hit the Mount Gretna (PA) trail.  This was the first time Linda was on the bike in three years.  We did a total of 10 miles.  Thought we would stop at the Jigger Shop for icecream but the line was miles long, not social distancing and not a lot of masks... we declined.  Monday Linda power washed our cottage deck and steps and I finished painting three cottage windows.  Crossing some things off that long list.

OK, back to my painting.  Several nice washes in the sky.

Next I am under painting the inside walls


Laura Salmon said...

So nice that Linda is back to her old self!

Laura Salmon said...

Great to see Linda able to do the things she enjoys again!