Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Open House Update

New prints are here and being framed!  We started with two, went to the printer, had them put on the invitation and I thought we were all finished.  Then I painted some tulips and Linda thought they were... dare I say "fantastic"...  so she insisted we print them and worry about advertising them later.  We decided to ONLY PRINT 50 of each so it is a very limited run.  We are taking orders now!  You may send an email or order off my website using PayPal.

13x9" print: $45.00 
18x14" Framed print:  $85.00

12x16" print: $50.00 
17x21" Framed print:  $100.00


10x16" print: $50.00 
15x21" Framed print:  $100.00
Three fantastic new prints but wait till you see the new originals!

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