Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Three Finished Originals...

Recapping the past week;  we left last Wednesday morning for State College, PA, arriving at 1:00 to set up the camper.  Then at 5:30 we went to the show to set up our booth.   Finished and back to the camper by 8:30pm  The next 4 days were long, leaving the campsite at 7:30am and showing all day and back to the camper at 9pm.  The show was good  but the hours and heat are exhausting and I am glad when its over.  We took Monday as a rest day at the campground and came home Tuesday to unpacking the van and laundry! Today we had a client stop in plus some grocery shopping and Linda was glued to her desk.   I have a blog painting started but did not have enough time to finish.  So I am posting 3 paintings I just finished.  None are titled or priced.

#1    21x15"   SOLD!   Thank you Amy for the use of your fabulous still life.  Plums and blueberries.   

  #2    22x20"   Thank you Nancy for the use of your photo.  Duck, NC looking at the main land towards Virginia Beach during a storm.

#3   11X22"  from my own photo from Chestertown, MD.

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