Thursday, July 18, 2019

2019 Oregon #6

4x6” original watercolor
$125 (unframed) to the first person to email
If unsold by 7/19 at 7pm price goes to $225

Latourell Falls!  I did not use any white paint on these falls... 

I want to get back to our Oregon Trip!

Oregon Trip
Day 6

It is time to leave the Bend area and head to Portland.  Our first stop was Multnomah Falls.  They were pretty spectacular however so crowded you could hardly move.  We did not even walk to the bridge.  The guide told us to back track to a smaller falls but less crowded.  On the way we stopped at the Vista House, 733 feet above the Columbia River and w
orth the stop!  Great views and  inside  the building was beautiful.  Our next stop was Latourell Falls and the guide was right only a hand full of people so the views were wonderful.  Time to get moving and meet Rashetta in Portland, after all she was the reason for this trip!  Rashetta arranged for us to stay in an apartment with fantastic views.

She also picked all our restaurants.  Dinner tonight was at the Picnic House.
The girls wanted to see a drag show...  us guys were not overly excited...  They picked the oldest in Portland.  Darcelle, the oldest impersonator on the West Coast.  He is 89!!  It was an interesting experience!

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