Thursday, April 27, 2017


Linda and her friend Bonnie spent the day at Chanticleer
That left me on my own!  Don't worry, I had a list!!
I had to switch my show display from indoor to outdoor.
Time to dig out the tent.  I am outside starting this weekend.
Also packed the van and then its off to another track meet.

I am spending my weekend in Williamsburg VA.  One of my
most favorite places for inspiration.  I have time to look
around on Saturday, have dinner at the Blue Talon Bistro
(a favorite of our) with Linda's brother, then show on Sunday
and then hurry home Monday in time for... track practice!

If you are anywhere close to Williamsburg, come say hello.
Art on the Square
Sunday, April 30 from 10-5
Held at Merchants Square in Colonial Williamsburg
Space #156

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