Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016 Chanticleer #3

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor ~ A Painting A Day..SOLD!
Only $125 (unframed) to the first person to email or call!
If unclaimed by 5/13 the price goes to $275

What a challenge all the different green growth was to
paint,  but this white trillium  was nestled into all the other
lush spring greens.  I wanted to paint a trillium because
back when I started in the early 80's I had painted a pink
one.  This was easier with 36 years of practice!  I am
guessing we will make a return visit to Chanticleer as soon
as track season is over...  If you live close to Wayne, PA
put it on your list.  We love it.

There will be no painting on Thursday!  I need to pack the
van and then I have our big league track meet.  Last one for
the season.  Then its off to my show.   Remember to tell any
friends near Philadelphia PA that I am showing all weekend
at Rittenhouse Square! 

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