Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Holiday #1

4"x 6" Original Watercolor
2013 Holiday #1

I am starting my Holiday Series.  However I am
letting you know I have a large commission to do
for Christmas and I am just now getting the photos to
start it.  So I may need every waking moment for the
commission.  If I do, I will continue the Holiday Series
until January, because I have lots of new subjects I
want to paint!!

Open House went well.  My Mom took ill on the Friday
of Open House so I was going to sit with her before my
doors opened and after we finished each day.  Sadly Mom
passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  Our daughter Abbey
came home on Wednesday at 9pm and stopped in to see her
and she passed the next morning.  I was holding her hand.
It was quiet and peaceful.   This past week we (my brother
Carl, his wife Beth, their adult kids and Me and Linda and
our Abbey and Ben) all went to Williamsburg, VA and had
a great  time together.  We swapped some "Mom" stories
and just honored her memory.  We just got home this afternoon
and I need to go paint.

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Meera Rao said...

Please accept my sincere condolences. Take care and wishes for a peaceful holiday and year to come.