Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 days left...

Open House Update:
Painting is finished,  framing is finished, cleaning done as
far as I am concerned but Linda may have other ideas!
Furniture moved, paintings and prints hung and labeled. 
Looks ready to me but somehow Linda finds all these extra
things to do!  The next two days will be spent on food.
With any luck I can slip out and not be noticed!
All the new work is now posted on my website.  Go pick
the one you want but remember... NO sales till 2pm!
You may call (717-627-3383)  or email to let me
know you want one of the new originals if you cannot
get here at 2!
We offer 6 rooms filled with paintings and prints.
This is our back room of the studio where just yesterday
there was framing going on!

This view is from the house.  2 rooms filled with
new original watercolors.

A close up view of new originals.

Email question: It would be great if you could reflect on those
beginning years.   Thank you so much for sharing all you do.
It is very helpful!
It is hard to remember back to the first few shows.  The original
reason for starting an open house was to raise money to help
pay my printing bill which was in the high thousands!  We lived
in an apartment so we held it for two years in a local hotel.  
Used white formal cards for the invites.  I have always
my new print at open house.  Linda's idea was
to have the invitation serve as both an invite and a way for
clients who live out of state to see the new print and order it. 
Once I stopped having a side job and started painting for a
living we quickly settled on the week before Thanksgiving
so I would have income over winter when there are few shows.
Linda has a method to all her madness!!  From there it just
grew, clients now know this is when I have lots of new
originals, a new print and a large selection of mat choices
on the old prints.  The hours are long because I have clients
driving from other states.  I even have clients that fly in!
I am truly blessed.

If you want to see everything, come on Friday.  I allow my
clients to take home what they bought!

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