Friday, November 1, 2013

21 days till Open House

Lots to share.
First, Tuesday I was riding my bike and a 17 year old girl
turned across traffic (to pull into her driveway)
in front of me causing me to hit her car,
bike took the hit and broke the forks, I went sailing across
her hood and down onto the other side.
I am NOT hurt, other than a little sore arm where I landed.
No police were called because I thought we were handling it as
gentleman and the father would pay for the repairs.  Dad took
my bike to the bike shop he is working with. (Dad rides)
Since then Dad decided I hit their car and I am on my own.
So, I just went in to file a police report.  I did not want to put
the girl through all that but since her parents are not being
Moral to this story... ALWAYS call the police.
A mans word is NOT a mans word.  If it does not turn out
well I will share the name...  he has a business and if
they cannot be trusted for this, I question the business ethics.
Next: I am exhibiting at Kutztown University Field House
this weekend. 
312 Trexler Ave, KutztownSaturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
It is with the Guild so the quality is good!

And...  This painting took "Best in Show"
I am very honored!  More info to follow
Finally, Open House Update:
Invitations are at the post office and should be
landing in your mailbox any moment.  Fingers
crossed the post offices co-operate!
I am still painting like a mad man.  Framing still
going on.  Linda has the menu almost worked out.
Cute tiny cups are showing up... not sure what is
going in them!!  I heard the words "champagne"
and wine since it is our 30th open house.  The
porch was enclosed on Wednesday to give us the
extra space. 
That is my week in a nutshell!
Going to Kutztown to set up my booth...


Laura Salmon said...

So glad you weren't hurt Andy. Sorry you're getting the runaround.

Laura Salmon said...

So glad you weren't hurt! Sorry you're getting the runaround.