Friday, October 25, 2013

Check in

My latest painting... 20x22"  untitled!
Available on 11/22 at Open House

I did not blog all week because I am concentrating
on my larger paintings. Painting all day till late at night. 
Some really good work is being accomplished!
I can't wait to show it all.

Important:  At one of my classes we had an
emergency and needed to call 911.  I now see
how very important it is to have a card in your wallet
with whom to call in an emergency.  A home and
cell number and relationship.  Do not assume we
can find it on your cell phone.  Get it in your wallet. 
And please answer your cell if you are someones caretaker!!
AND also very important (maybe on the back of this
card or on a separate card)  you need a list of meds
you are taking.  Med name, dose and times to take it.
I had no idea of her meds and the ambulance really
needed this info and she was in no condition to
remember.  So please do this tonight, it is so very
FYI, my student is doing OK.

Lots happening here.  Several deliveries of
supplies are coming through the door...feels like
daily!  (tape, hooks and screws, mattboard, foamboard,
framer points, plastic bags, and lots of moulding length)
Frames coming every week. Lots of mat cutting
and framing going on.  The new print came yesterday
so I am numbering and signing 200!  They look great!
Invites came this morning.  6600 of them!
I am told we are on schedule...  My job is to paint.

This weekend I will be at:
Carlisle Expo Center at 100 K Street,
Carlisle, PA
Exhibiting with the Yellow Breeches
Chapter of the Guild

Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5
$5 admission

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