Thursday, October 3, 2013

back home...

We started our trip last Thursday with a stop at
Storm King.  Excited to see it in fall.  I love the
landscape here.  If you like sculpture make this a
must see.  Ride the tram to see it all. Huge sculptures.

Next stop was Austerlitz, NY where we
made a campground home for 5 chilly nights.
I will say we slept well, went to bed early each
night.  Much needed rest for both of us.
The show was at one of my favorite places.
Two full days surrounded with Shaker and
wonderful landscapes.  I have 300 new photos
that I can't wait to paint.  Monday was Linda's
extra day to rest while I painted.  Surrounded
by the Berkshires, leaves turning as I sat there.
Not ready to head back to reality!!
Tuesday was pack up the camper and head home.
We stopped at the Walkway Over the Hudson.
Something Linda has wanted to do since it opened.
I think it was less exciting than she thought.  It
is a 3 mile round trip walk across the bridge.  It was
hot... leaves not turned as yet... The view was exciting
for the first 10 minutes!  But we did the whole thing.
You are up pretty high... 
Home late Tuesday night and into high gear to get
ready for Porchwalk.  Laundry, empty the van, Mow,
trim, sweep, clear off the porch, clean the studio, tidy
the house, visit my Mom, grocery shopping, pumpkin
and mum hunt.  Linda and helpers made lunch for our
artisans, they were in the kitchen all day...
Porchwalk: Friday and Saturday from 10 to 5.  FREE!  
Start at my studio (stop #6)
In my yard you can see pottery, jewelry, folk art, felted
wool purses and ME!   All great stuff... FREE!!
I have brochures to show where else to go...
spend the day in Lititz!