Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Commission update

We spent the weekend in Lincroft, NJ... showing.
My first show of the season and I am happy to report
it went pretty well.  Overall the show was not good for
many exhibiters but I was blessed with my clients coming
out.  We stayed with good friends which is always nice
and they took us to see the damage to the
beaches.  Wow... is all I can say.  You need to see it to
really understand.  All weekend I worked on a bowl
of apples which I will show later but on Monday morning
I went back to my commission. 
The crock on the left... 
Finished the little bottle with the
I felt the right side was off balance so I added
a small bowl.
And the whole view.... now to tackle the

Click over the photo to enlarge for a better look...
Any questions??

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