Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Printing dilemma...

 I finished my painting and now Linda is not
sure what she wants to do.  I suggested putting
it to a vote.  So your opinion is important.  As
you know I only print one time a year and I think
this year we will only print one painting.
Here are the two current choices, comment as if
you were buying it.

Option #1 Untitled
     It will be framed 25x29"  (so it is fairly large)
     $175. framed  ~ $100 unframed
     Thoughts, titles, suggestions welcome!
(click on it and it gets larger)

Option #2  Harvest Finished
      Framed in 17x21"
      $100. framed and $50. unframed
I know, two different paintings, that's why it is
such a hard decision and we go to printing on 10/8.

You can leave a comment below or send an email.

And...  Lampeter fair update -- in the fair's adult
watercolor division two of myr students placed!
Lynn Dohne's basket painting took the 1st place
and Eileen Nephin-Bish's Taos Pueblo took 4th.
A huge congrats to my wonderful students!!


Paula Campbell said...

I like the painting of the open door--I would call it Beauty Inside and Out. Love your work!

Janet Ross said...

Both pictures are lovely, Andy. I prefer the first one because it reminds me of the mountains where I grew up. Bill came with a suggested name: Autumn Invitation.

That said, you can't go wrong. If you decide the print the second picture (which is classic Andy Smith!), it would be a great choice, too.

Anonymous said...

Jim likes the first one...titled, Autumn's Arrival...and I like the second one! Barb Tannerervorei

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy,
I prefer the second painting, and I wonder if prints would perhaps sell better just because they are more affordable since the painting is smaller. Both are really wonderful works.

ann hermes said...

I like harvest completed best, has more of a still life feel. From a practical point of it is more neutral in color and I could hang it anywhere in my house and it would work.

Jan said...

I much prefer the second, "Harvest Finished." It wordlessly sums up the season--the work is done and everything is entering a phase of rest. Its somber tones are quiet and soothing. It speaks to you emotionally and holds your attention. I feel like it's one that you'd never tire of having on display. The artwork is beautifully rendered and is recognizable as one of yours, which is one of the major reasons to buy an artist's print. Likewise, I would think it would fit into the decor of anyone's home, regardless of their style or color scheme.

Kara K. Bigda said...

I agree with much of what Jan said. In addition, as an artist myself, I find the asymmetrical composition much more dynamic than the symmetrical design of the first and immediately demands a response from the viewer. I think the neutrals are more soothing than the colors in the first and would have wider appeal. While both paintings are very good and symbolic meaning can be argued for each, I feel like the second one has a deeper feeling to it - a backstory - while the first is more of a "pretty picture." In this case, and with much of your work, less is more (think Andrew Wyeth) and my vote goes for the second one.

Incidentally -- I love perusing your blog and am always inspired by your still lifes!

Sharon Carbine said...

Of course, both works are excellent. However, I prefer the second one.

Sharon Carbine said...

Of course both paintings are exceptional. However, I prefer the second one.