Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dilemma continued

No decision has been made...
But I thought I would share some comments, also check the "comments" at the bottom of yesterdays blog and on facebook.  Still open to your thoughts.  Printing is a huge investment and I need to make a good decision.

Both paintings are totally fabulous.  While I have an emotional attachment to the Fredericksburg, VA open door because I watched part of its creation and that experience influenced me greatly, I also have great affinity for "Harvest". 
If I were buying, it would definitely be "Harvest".  However, the open windows of "Untitled" draw me in and outward.  The amount of detail is much to study and see and feel.  The floor is great...........the fringe of the rug is almost touchable.  Great work.
Yet, "Harvest" is equally and perhaps more stunning in its simplicity.  The cracked window pane is so 'spot on'.  It speaks of your distinctive style without any effort.  There is just as much depth in this work without all the bells and whistles of "Untitled".  I can't wait to see them both in person next Tuesday..........
But for now, these are my thoughts.  And I am totally impressed.  And I vote for both of them in this order:  1. Harvest, and 2. Untitled.  Pat M.

I love your blog...I feel like it's a nice way to keep in touch.
Both pieces of art are amazing but I really love option #1.   It's so  "welcoming" to me!   Patty D.

Both pictures are lovely, Andy. I prefer the first one because it reminds me of the mountains where I grew up. Bill came with a suggested name: Autumn Invitation.  That said, you can't go wrong. If you decide the print the second picture (which is classic Andy Smith!), it would be a great choice, too.  Janet R.

Wow - what a departure from what you usually paint Andy.  Real detail - especially the iron work and the window lites on either side of the double doors.  I like the way the doors and the wooden rocker pull your eye out to the plants.  A real contrast of colors. 
I still really like Harvest Finished - and not because my suggested Title for the painting was used.  The more I study this painting I realize how much detail there is in the bare trees outside the window and the detail of the wood trim of the window panes.  I guess when I viewed this painting first in the blog and then in person I was viewing the whole picture - and not zeroing in on the individual aspects of the painting.
I can appreciate the dilemma you both find yourself in.  I'd be curious to hear what other customers will say about this new painting.  Is the untitled painting of a photograph you took?  Did you actually see this in your travels?
The more I think about this - at first my vote was going to be Harvest Finished because it depicts the type of subjects you usually paint - which is why I was drawn to your paintings the first time in 1993 at Art On The Green in New Castle, DE.  I think this untitled painting gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to your customers and the public that you do tackle other types of subjects.  Go to print using the Untitled painting.  Nancy C.

Option #2 ~ Harvest Finished
I only discovered your website a year and a half ago and look forward every day to seeing your wonderful work. Thanks for sharing your gift.
Mary Beth G.

Ha! I'm confused too! Option 1 has those lovely colors and Option 2 is what I expect from Andy... and is my favorite because despite the fall chill in the painting, it feels cozier to me. Good luck! Deb W

Three of us vote for Harvest Finished..  Both are spectacular and your handling of two entirely different light situations is phenomenal but we all love windows and the fact that you're left with your own imagination as to how everyone feels when the harvest is finally done and winter is coming and you've done the best you could just grabs you and pulls you in.   Karen S.

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We vote for untitled. It is beautiful!