Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Winter Series #4

4"x6" miniature original watercolor  ~ SOLD!!
$100.00 to the first person who calls (717-627-3383)
emails saying they want it!!
Offer good until 1/18 at 8pm

This was a borrowed photo from fellow artist
Debi Watson.  She said it was a barn at Mountville, PA
and Rt. 30.  Love the stone and deep doorway. 
Bit of snow on the ground.

Linda was at her desk all day filling out show
applications.  I painted this and did a sketch
for a rooster that Linda requested.   I did not
give her too hard a time about it since it gets
me off the hook for winter paintings!   It sorta
qualifies as winter since it was from the
"Farm Show".

We have the movie Moneyball to watch tonight.

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