Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Winter Series #3

4"x6" miniature original watercolor
Framed 8x10"  $275.  Contact the Studio ~ SOLD
This was from a trip to Inner Harbor, Baltimore
two years ago.  I love the warm sun against the building
and snow piled on the ground.  Good strong colors in
this one.

Friday we went to Chester Springs for a visit with
our friend Joan.  Had a fantastic lunch, a drive around
the area (I did not have my camera along... lesson learned,
always pack the camera).  We watched the 1st movie from
Downton Abbey and we are hooked so we added it to our
Netflix.  And to top off our day I took Linda dancing at
Sunnybrook, in Pottstown, PA.  they had a 50-60" DJ and
we danced till 11:00! Great day!   Today I painted and Linda
was reading "Does the Noise in my Head Bother You" by
Steven Tyler.  A library book that is due back Monday...
not my taste!  So today was another great day.

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