Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Great class this morning.  This is the last
set of September classes, I cannot believe
how fast September went by.  Linda and I
went to get our pumpkins in the afternoon.
Linda looks at the stems and I like the funky
odd ones. We need them to decorate for
Porchwalk.  Back to my painting...

Demo: (click over painting to enlarge)
Underpainting... that is what I am focusing on, thin layers
of paint.  Color that will give the wood a fine patina and
the copper boiler a glow.  I am saving the areas that will be
lighter by simply taking my time and painting around them.
Basically, I am using mixture of Cad Orange and Cad Yellow.
You can see where it is painted in darker and lighter hues.
Next was a bit of paynes gray with a dab of red over the
table top.  Patience...It looks nothing like it will when I am
finished... this is a slow build of color.  I learned to enjoy
the journey of a painting not just the end result.  There is a
joy in my knowing where I am taking a painting and a
patience in getting there.

My words of wisdom to painters... slow down, study your
subject, draw it to get familiar and form a plan in your mind
all before picking up the brush!
My words of wisdom to my collectors... slow down, study
my paintings.  Notice the subtle use of colors.  Notice that
there is not just a brown table, but a wonderful build of
values to create the brown.

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Autumn Leaves said...

This is looking so good, Andy! Patience is a virtue I sorely lack. Art does get what I have though!