Monday, September 26, 2011


We returned from the show in New Hope at
10pm last night.  I had high hopes for this show
and it did not live up to my hopes.  It is unfortunate
because I really like the area.   I was able to work
on my commission which has turned out nicely.
I want to spend about two more hours on it and
its finished.  Linda is looking ahead to getting the
garden cleaned up for Porchwalk which is Oct.7-8.
I am actually going to be home this year, I will
be demonstrating so plan on stopping at the studio!
It is also time to start thinking Open House. Nov. 18-20
Linda has her "to do schedule" printed and taped up
in the office so I know I need to paint, paint, paint!

Below is my next large painting.  A wonderful still life
with strong shadows.  I think you will enjoy watching
the progress on this one.  Feel free to send questions or
comments.   Remember I hand draw my pieces.  I like
that it is not perfect, there is a human quality to my work.
I get enjoyment from the drawing process.  Ii gives me
an extra connection to my painting.  Drawing requires me
to really look, to see all the intricate details.  I have 5 hours
into just the drawing.  I also started the backgrounds first washes.
First yellow Ochre ~ dried hard.  Then Payne's grey around...
dried it, and where it needs to be warm, I added a touch of
Cad. Red.


Autumn Leaves said...

This will be exquisite, Andy. Can't wait to see that copper or bronze roaster when you finish!

Unknown said...

Strong composition, Andy. I admire the drawing as it is!


Corey Fou Chong said...

Very nice, Andy. I love the diagonal lines and composition.