Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shaker Series #16

4"x 6" Miniature original watercolor
I just had to do something from the Shaker Village.
I have tons of new photos just crying out to me to
paint them!  Not exactly sure what this is but I liked
the unusual tin shape.  A grain scoop maybe??

My Angel Statuary from yesterday was chosen as
one of  "Rosa's Picks" for today!!  It is quite an honor
to be chosen out of all the art blogs out there in
cyber space.

Meanwhile Linda is experimenting with new black
frames.  Wow, they are making the prints just pop.
Gives this contemporary sharp look to my work.
She will have four on display at Mount Gretna this
weekend and will be taking orders.  They are being
framed tomorrow so I will photo them for you to see.

Class update...Tuesday morning - filled
Tuesday evening - plenty of room!
Wednesday morning - 2 spaces available
Wednesday evening - plenty of room
Thursday morning - open if you still need a morning
It is time to call and get on the schedule!


Autumn Leaves said...

Hmmm...I am wondering what that is as well! I love that blue rail with the hooks on it. How retro chic and oh so purposeful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Andy Smith!
I love your watercolours sooooo much! I have also learned a lot from you over some years of watching what you are doing! Thanks a lot!!!
Could the little tin case you blogged on 16th Aug. be a soap tin hanging outside normally when people do their washing under a water pump? Or could it be a little trog for birds food?
There are a lot of possibilities I guess.
Hope you have a great day and never stop painting!
With a smile from Frauke Koenig (Germany)