Friday, June 17, 2011

Going Wild...

6" x 4" Original miniature watercolor
$225.00 Contact the studio!

A view from "The Wilds" in Cumberland, OH.
This weekend I am exhibiting at Shaker Heights, Oh

My paintings for the next few days will be views from
our overnight stay at "The Wilds".  We went with friends
and had a wonderful experience.  The Wilds are reclaimed
stripped mined land that is now used for conservation and
the animals are all on the endangered list.  You would never
know you were in Ohio.  I highly recommend an overnight
stay in their Yurts.

This is our Yurt.  Private with great views and for adults only.
A perfect getaway.
Here is the inside view of our Yurt. 
This is camping at its finest!


Autumn Leaves said...

A beautiful painting, Andy. So glad you and Linda are having a good time. Happy sales wished for you.

Barbra Joan said...

Oh you are kidding .. this I could do.. found your blog and am going to look around. I already am loving the porch swing.. just below . BJ