Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4"x 6" watercolor
Studio price: $250.

I am having a struggle getting back into the swing
of painting every day. I do not battle it often but
every now and then I simply do not feel like it.
I had three hard shows in a row, two in rain and
then heat with crowds not really interested in my
work. We artists are so fragile. I am a bit down
because I had to dig into my new van fund to cover
my health insurance and mortgage this month.
I had plans... To put it in a way you can understand...
you went to work for the past three weeks but did not
receive a paycheck... kinda blows a budget!
OK, that is the extent of my whining, Linda was not
listening to it so I thought I would look to you for a
bit of sympathy!
I tell my fellow artists, simply sit down and paint which
is what I did today.  I went with a subject that is
familiar to me. A Shaker room with a dress hanging
a table and window.  Shades of blue... (no pun intended!)

On a lighter topic, someone asked to see our garden.
They live is a small NYC apartment and was interested
in our little corner of paradise.   Our yard is not large
but Linda has it packed with flowers.  Right
now it is alive with pinks, purple and white.  The little
pond is staying clean and the fish seem happy.  I see
buds on the waterlilies.  Linda is her happiest out there
pulling weeds and I reap the benefits!


Autumn Leaves said...

Love the new painting and the "shades of blue" theme. I could sing your song, though circumstances differ. I'd never be brave enough to put a piece of art up for sale. I have a hard time dealing with rejection at the best of times. Fragile indeed. (I've sold three pieces with 100% of proceeds going to charities, so I don't really consider those "sales.") I hope it picks up for you, Andy. Your work is sublime always and I suspect lots of rain and heat tend to make people a bit on edge, a bit cranky. While I love the rain, heat will do that to me every time. Your yard is gorgeous and please do let Linda know she is welcome to make my yard her next palette (and I'm sure there are weeds out there that would not mind being pulled)!

Kathy Staicer said...

I really appreciate your honesty. I am an artist and have been going through difficult times recently. I usually try and keep my blog upbeat so I just haven't been posting. I'm not as brave as you are.
I must also say that I have seen your work at the Seawall Festival an I tuely am impressed by your art and professionalism.
I know and you know that things will get better.