Thursday, May 26, 2011


4"x 6" watercolor
 $200. ~ Contact the studio  ~ SOLD!

I actually painted this "plein air" today.
Linda was out working in the garden and
I went out and sat at the table.  I noticed
the poppies are beautiful and bold and
screaming to me! So I decided to paint
plein air.

We are having nasty storms tonight which
makes me a bit uncomfortable about the
weekend.  I set up tomorrow morning.
Nothing like your whole livelihood sitting
under a tent in a storm...
Harrisburg, I hope you are planning to come out
and see me!

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Autumn Leaves said...

This is gorgeous Andy. Quite a lovely change of subject for you. Hope your weekend went swimmingly (no pun intended). We're getting nailed by storms here too. I love them, as long as no tornadoes and of course, that I don't have to be outside in them over much.