Sunday, April 17, 2011

Demonstration at Gallerie Thirteen

A big thank you to Gallerie Thirteen and Mary Beth Brath and
Brownyn Jean Hughes for all their support this past Saturday.
Here are a few adoring fans watching me paint and asking questions.

I decided on a full sheet watercolor for my demonstration.
I came with the drawing finished so I could start painting right away.

I started with the beginning washes and went to the rug pattern.

I added the color to the rug. 
This was as far as I got for the day. 

Linda and I then held a one hour lecture. I think it went
pretty well and hopefully everyone went away with useful
information.  It was time to pack up in the rain, or I should say
downpour with lightening!  But I am back home safely to
paint another day.  I spent most of today working on this painting
and I will share that tomorrow.

On the right side bar I am sharing some info on behalf
of my Nephew.  Check it out...

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Autumn Leaves said...

This looks amazing, Andy. I can't wait to see more. I am wondering if it is sheer patience that keeps that rug from looking muddy. Do you actually take the red and carefully go around all the black? (I am asking because that is what I would probably "try" to do and I know it wouldn't come out looking so pretty with paint overlaps...How do you do it?