Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another day on the chair...

I managed a bike ride early this morning, before the rain started.
Then headed right to my painting.  Since it rained all day
my track meet was cancelled allowing me to paint all day.
So this is what was accomplished from 9:30 to 5 (yes, I worked
 7 .5 hours)

1) A lot darker color on the chair.  Another few washes on the
walls.  A touch of green on the floor.

2) Texture to the floor with some Yellow Ocher and Raw
Sienna.  Several more layers on the walls, saving the light
areas and going darker to create the shadows.

3) Even deeper with the shadows.

4) Even more shadow work.  Can you see all the changes?

I plan to work some more tonight. I want to get this finished.It has taken 4 full ~ long days to get this far and I know I will
need at least one more. I do not get to work on full sheets very
often because of the time and how much I should ask for this size
but I have loved working on this painting.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Amazed at the light touch with what sounds like several layers of color, Andy. I think my paper begins to look overworked so I am definitely not doing something right! I am rather awed by the green first layer on the old oak floorboards and yet they have truly turned into 'old oak floorboards'! The rug has really popped now and is beautiful. The chair is exquisite! What a piece!