Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mercedes gullwing

5"x 5" Original Watercolor
$325.00 ~ Contact the studio

High up on my list of exciting things I saw
in Los Angeles would be the cars... cars that
made me stop and! This is the front
of what I think is a vintage Mercedes gullwing.
Parked on the street, I actually walked around it,
trying not to drool on the gorgeous red paint!
I must say the painting is even better in person.
Call if you want to see any blog paintings at the

Since Linda has been spending the whole week
picking shows I thought I would share a bit of
the process that goes into showing. There are
art/craft shows or festivals in almost every town
and city across the US. So the first thought is
how far will I drive. Considering my valuable
time, wear and tear on my van, the cost of gas,
motels and food while traveling verses how
much I may be able to sell. After all I need to
earn a living. How big is the gamble because there
is no sure thing. An artist or his valuable
assistant needs to be able to answer a few questions.
Will my work fit in? Is the town/city artsy and
maybe a bit more contemporary, or is it traditional.
Income levels, unemployment, did the only employer
just lay off. What is the cost of motels, can I afford
to stay there. So for me the first question is;
where is the show and how many hours drive to get there?
more thoughts tomorrow...


Autumn Leaves said...

Back at last, Andy, and what a delight to my eyes I see here. I so love old cars; there is just something so beautiful and nostalgic about them. This one looks as though it is quite the gem and one I'd not heard of before. Anyway, it is fabulous! Lots to think about before entering a show, isn't there? And those gas prices! Ei yi yi!!

sidmar said...

Andy , love your watercolors and this one is great.

sidmar said...
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