Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 days till Open House

"Oil Lamp" 18x24 $1800
I have the new larger paintings now on my
website under Originals!
None of the new paintings will be sold until
2pm on Friday 11/19. I am trying to be fair
to everyone looking for the new originals.
The exception is the new Holiday Surprise.
That is available to anyone who calls.

3 days... there is Maximum Strength Maalox
setting on the table... and its not mine!
I am trying to stay out of the way, Linda has
her helpers washing windows, cleaning every
thing that does not move, even the rugs were
shampooed today. All paints are hung, the new
extra porch room looks good. I went to market
today for some food supplies. I washed off the
front porch...in the rain. Like I said, we just do
as we are asked!! When the doors open on
Friday we are more than ready for you.

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