Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shaker Still Life

6"x 5.5" Watercolor

I have been painting daily but I am working
on larger paintings for open house. I decided
to stop and paint a blog today. I started
a larger more expanded view of this image and
wanted to explore a close up study. I rarely
paint books but this was an interesting composition.

Painting, painting, painting. Open House is
November 19-21 so save the date!
Linda is right on schedule, invitations are
designed and at the printer. The new prints
were selected and are at the other printer.
Frames and supplies are ordered. I saw she
was running the mailing labels today, all
6000 of them!
Anyone interested in card-making or
scrapbook making, Linda's Mom is having
a huge yard sale on Saturday morning, here
at the house (4 N Spruce St. Lititz)
Lots of supplies. I am getting out of town!
You can find me at:
Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair
Held at Montgomery Community College
Rte 202 in Blue Bell, PA
Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 11-5


Tina Snook said...


I can hardly wait for the open house!

Tina Snook

Virginia Floyd said...

I like the warmth and feeling of age in this painting.