Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Check in...

Just to busy...
Came home last Monday night from Rhinebeck, NY
with a wet camper that needed attention. Tues. and Wed.
was spent in the drizzle trying to get the yard cleaned up
for Porchwalk.
Thurs. we made three soups for our guest exhibitors,
Linda went to a 3-hour High Tea with her Mom and
niece, Tiffany. The exhibitors came to set up.
Friday was Porchwalk and I left for a show in Waynesboro,
VA. Sat, was Porchwalk and pack up for Linda and
her exhibitors. Porchwalk went pretty well for everyone.
Sunday I got home at 11pm. Today I had a commission
due and they came to check it...perfect! Its time to get Open
House together, we took the new paintings to the printer.
I am printing the Lemons and two small holiday paintings.
I painted all afternoon while Linda helped her Mom price
yard sale items. We capped off our evening with dinner
with friends and just got home.
Just to busy...
Here is another sneak preview of part of a new painting
which I am saving for Open House. (Nov. 19-21)


Virginia Floyd said...

Goodness, I thought my weekend was busy, but I'm a piker compared to you!

Looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

Angela Schuibbeo said...

My husband was an antiques dealer and artist. He died 2 years ago. I miss living with an artist. Seeing your work was like finding an old pair of shoes in the back of the closet you hadn't seen in awhile. Suddenly, you remember some of the good times you had in those shoes...and it makes you smile. Your work makes me smile. You are talented and blessed.