Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Check in

A sliver of a larger painting.... A tease!

ready for

info is now
on my

What a Friday! I drove to Clifton,
NJ to pick up my frame order. That
was a 6 hour round trip. Meanwhile
the studio help was busy framing.
The new prints were delivered and
they look great. Other help is coming
tomorrow to help Linda get over 6,000
invitations labeled and stamped.
Save this date: November 19-21
If you want to see the best collection of
new Original Watercolors plan on being
here on Friday.
Lititz is a great town; shopping, restaurants,
B&B's... consider an overnight mini vacation!

We are taking the night off! Going out
dancing at Sunnybrook tonight. We are
in need of some fun...

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