Monday, October 25, 2010

Demonstration Continued

Back from my weekend show. I came
home to the paint on the front porch
finished and the side porch almost done.
Linda and her helpers had also been working
in the studio cutting mats. There is a 30'
tarp with windows setting in the studio which
I am told will go on the side porch to give us
an extra room for Open House... Interesting...
I find it best to just stick to my paintings!

Back to the Demonstration...
Step 5: I put a very thin wash of Cobalt
Blue and Cad. Red over the walls. Dry it!
I used Paynes Grey to outline the door
panels. Next I intensified the floor with
a mixture of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber.
Saving that spot on the floor. I also sketched
in the shadow across the chair that I want to save.
I do not use misket or maskoid. No reason except
that I learned to paint around my saved areas.

Step 6: Now I am warming up the
walls and the chair. Using Cad. Yellow
mixed with Cad. Orange again, this is a
thin wash, and dried.

Step 7:
After drying hard I am ready
to go into it even more. Intensifying
everything. On the woodwork I used Paynes
Grey and Thylo Blue and a drop of India
Ink. I then thinned out the same mixture
for the walls, using varied brush strokes to
create texture. On the floor I am starting
to separate the dark and light areas.

PS. notice the little drop of blue in front
of the chair. It helps with shine on the floor.
More tomorrow. I am juggling more than one
painting at a time. My last set of classes are this
week so that will give me more time to paint.
Make sure you check my Student Blog
to see their work.

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