Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waterlily Study #1

6"x 4" Original Watercolor ~ Studio price $225.

This is the first of the waterlilies from my trip to
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in DC. This
variety stood tall out of the water and I liked the
color. Not a color usually in my palette so it was
fun to work on. The pads were unusually large and
the next bud was tall and fat. The layout is my usual
"off center view", allowing you to finish it with your own
eye. I just can't do the center of the paper thing...

I took my van to get shocks and sat in the waiting
room, painting by blog while waiting.
Its good I am portable, sure saved my day.

Back to my lemons... don't worry, this is just
the underpainting, I did not ruin it. Trust me!!

Step 4: I added the general definition all the way to the
top lemon. I will go back into them a bit more later.
Step 5: The Background... I plan to make the background
very dark so the lemons really pop out. To get the textured
background I am looking for I start with a mixture of:
Cad. Yellow, Burnt Umber and Perm. Rose.
I worked it over with cross-hatched strokes.
I stopped here to photograph it but will finish filling it in.
I saved the top of the table and the bowl for later.

I am taking my time on this piece. Linda is considering
printing it so I am being more diligent. I have a good
day into the drawing ~ remember I stress a good drawing.
Two days into the lemons and a day into the beginning
background.... watercolor takes a bit of patience.

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