Monday, September 20, 2010

Shaker Bed

6"x 4" Watercolor ~ Studio Price: $250.

I am so glad beds have improved since the
1800's. This is a view of a Shaker bed.
I was concentrating on depth in a small space,
but enjoyed the wrinkles in the coverlet.

The good news: I worked on my lemons all weekend.
The bad news: I was concentrating so much I forgot
to take photos as I was going along... I am very sorry.
But they turned out perfect. I think it will be my new
print for open house.

Image: 17" x 15 " Original Watercolor ~ Untitled...
Ok, to catch you up...
1) I darkened the background. There are 5 washes getting
gradually darker and drying in between.
2) Next came the table, leaving the shadow under the bowl
white paper, saving it for later. I used Burnt Umber,
Cad. Red and Perm. Rose, about 3 washes. I darkened the
area for the grain.
3) I moved up to the bowl. The left side is the white of the
paper with a big of Yellow Ochre. The right which has the
shadow is a mixture of Payne's Grey and Pthalo Blue. Then
I added a touch of Perm. Rose to blend the two sides.
4) The shadow on the table mirrors the colors in the bowl.
5) Finally, I went back into the lemons, darkening the right
side which is more in shadow.
This painting glows and I would not change a thing.
I am open to questions for artist... and comments from
clients. Votes for printing or not! Enjoy


Virginia Floyd said...

This is beautiful!

Virginia Floyd said...

These lemons are beautiful! I enjoyed reading about your process and the colors you used.