Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wooden Bowl

6"x4" Watercolor
Wood is a different texture and shading
than painting pottery bowls. My painting
process remains the same. A good drawing,
underpainting, dry thoroughly, more layers
of color building the patina. It is the building
of color that I love.

I unpacked the van so it can go to the garage
for a gasket. I need to repack tomorrow and
be ready to roll out of here early Thursday
morning. We have a 10 hour drive to KY.
This is Linda's idea of fun, I'm just the driver!

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

I think Linda and I would be great friends. My idea of fun too! I just love these old country kitchen close up vignettes, Andy. They so make me long for a huge old kitchen, black and white tiles, large sunny windows, rolling pins and flower, warm smells and goodness, and of course, the wooden bowl simply makes me want some salad! Just beautiful, as always.