Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday check in...

No painting today. Simply was not time.
Had a hose replaced on the van, ran a few
errands, visited my Mom, mowed the lawn,
packed the van and finally here I am
washing and waxing the van and popup
before it gets dark!

Thank goodness the camper has airconditioning!
We leave in the morning, a 10 hr drive, then set
up the camper. Friday we set up the booth and
tour The Shaker Village.
15th Annual Shaker Village Craft Show
Held on the grounds of Pleasant Hill
3501 Lexington Rd Harrodsburg, KY
Sat. 9:30-5 and Sun. 10-4:30

Monday we pack up and drive 6 hours to our
friends in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
Tuesday we deliver an order in Cleveland and
finish the cemetary tour which we have been to
twice and are still not through it!
Wednesday is a 6 hour drive home.
Sure wish the gas prices would go down....


Autumn Leaves said...

Sounds like a fun trip is planned. Have a great time Andy! Kentucky is beautiful...but then, so is Ohio. For that matter so is PA...and IL...and southern IN...I don't think I've been in a state yet that I haven't thought was beautiful! Least you have a clean and fresh van and camper!

Grammylammy said... and Linda are real troopers! Touring the county for pleasure is one thing, but the idea of all that packing, unpacking and prep work -- plus manning a stand for a weekend art show in a distant locale is mind-boggling indeed! More power to you folks -- I'll keep my fingers crossed that the show is super successful, and very pleasurable for both of you! See you soon! Eileen, Jim & Shannon too