Thursday, June 3, 2010

Philadelphia Brick study

4"x6" Watercolor
$225. ~ SOLD

I am sticking to my Philadelphia
theme. Philly is all about the Federal
style which is one of my favorites.
I tend to be drawn to parts of a whole.
Part of a large window on the right and
part of an entrance on the left. I like that
your minds eye fill in the rest.

I was the starter for our elementary
track and field day; I have been doing
it for years and it is a good way for me
to recruit for next year. I love doing it.
Got back home around noon and painted.
But left again at 3:30 for a little male
bonding. One of our coaches offered an
evening at
Refreshing Mountain Camp
Zipline Tour... I did it!! Got back home
in one piece with all my body parts intact
and my manhood restored!
Had dinner and back to my painting.
This painting was more involved than I
should have attempted with all I was doing
today and its 11pm and I just finished.
I have 7 hours into the painting.
We are packed and leaving in the morning.
I am thinking we are on the road so much
lately that our house sitter could move in!

The Show:
Frederick Festival of the Arts
June 5 & 6 ~ Frederick, MD
Held at Carroll Creek Linear Park
Sat 10-6 and Sun. 11-5
Space #9 near the Market Street Gate


AutumnLeaves said...

Another beautiful piece, Andy! I love the leaves peeking in from the left, and as always, I find myself wanting to see what this place looks like inside. I've never lived in a brick house and I've always wanted to do just that. Good luck with your show this weekend. Wishing you good sales and fun times with your family and your guests to your tent.

Nicole said...

Mmmm, I agree with AutumnLeaves -- a very evocative and lovely piece. It looks very welcoming, somehow.

Best of luck with your show; hope the sales gods smile down on you!