Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bench and Milk Can

4"x6" Watercolor ~ $225.

I found this scene close to my house, around
the corner in an alley. I like the play in color.

My weekend in Frederick was disappointing.
It was full and I should have done well. I am
telling myself they leaned towards the
contemporary. On the plus side, we stayed
with good friends and had a surprise dinner
with Abbey and Ben. It is important in this
business not to get down, to keep a good attitude
and simply keep painting. So I am painting!


AutumnLeaves said...

I cannot remember whose blog I read yesterday morning, but someone was talking about art fairs and that it seemed that sales had gone down quite a bit. I would guess that most of the other vendors had slow sales too, Andy. 'Course I wasn't there, but it seems likely. Hopefully your next one will make up for this latest! Love the milk can and weathered siding. The bench color is gorgeous!

mary lou troutman said...

andy, my husband was in st michaels md at a show the same weekend you were at frederick. we also had a bad show .we blamed a lot of if on the terrible heat. we are at annapolis md this weekend and dreading the heat already. your artwork is absolutly beautiful and it should have sold well. i am so glad you got to see your daughter. my son has moved across the country and i ony get to see him once a year(i breaks a mothers heart) my income wont let us hop a plane and fly to seattle WA every month! if you have a show this weekend i hope it is wonderful(and in an airconditioned room)
good thoughts,
mary lou troutman

Grammylammy said...

That's a really cool painting Andy. I'm sure those show goers are regretting they didn't purchase some of your work...but from what I've heard from friends, recent shows/festivals have not been doing as well this season. Hopefully it will pick up soon! Have a great summer. Eileen