Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Series #6

6"x 4" original watercolor

This is a Lancaster County farm scene.
Slight rolling hills with remnants of snow.
It is dusk and the lights are on in the barn.

I painted from 9:30 this morning until
right now... 9:30pm. I did take a short
break to run to the store and for a little
foxtrot practice but otherwise the brushes

were smoking! I started the drawing for a
large painting and did the blog.

I want to remind anyone who is close by
and available to come visit me on
Friday 1/9 from 10:30 to 2:30 at the
Prince St Cafe in Lancaster, PA. I will be
demonstrating and
offering general entertainment! I plan
to finish a portrait I need to get done and
then start on the one I drew today.

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