Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Series #13

6"x 4" original watercolor

You need to study this one. The longer
I paint the more confident I become with
less literal subjects. This painting is awash
with light and shadow. Let your eyes
wander around, take in the view. This is a
close up of a wall. On the right are two
spikes imbedded into the top; I guess to
keep you from going over...
On the left is a post and then nice textured
bricks. The wall is blanketed with snow.
Beyond the wall is bare trees and
a grey sky. I just had fun with it today.

In honor of MLK day, Linda volunteered in
our local food pantry. I needed to stay home
and paint but took time to reflect on how I have
been so blessed to live in this time. My prayers
go out to our new leader and our nation.


Anonymous said...

May the Lord Bless and give strength and wisdom to our new President Obama. Keep up the nice art.

Sally Tharp said...

Andy... what a BEAUTIFUL little painting! So well done!