Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Window

6"x 4" original watercolor

Today's holiday painting came to me by way
of my daughter, Abbey. She went to the
White House Christmas decorations tour and
snapped a few photos; she thought I could use
a bit of subject help! I like that it came from
the White House but could be from any house.
A large double window decorated with a wreath,
some fake snow and a red ribbon. I spent two
hours working on the ribbon so look at it closely!
Outside the dark window are lights on the bushes.
The fake snow can throw you off a bit, making it
look like it is outside, and it could be...if you can make
sense of the row of lights being inside... just a random
artist thought...
If you have a holiday inspired photo that you took
and think it may be something I would like and you
are willing to let me paint it, feel free to email it.
I cannot guarantee I will paint it but if I do I will give
you the photo credit!

We had a great time at the Terry Fator performance
last night. Well worth it, he is amazing. Being out in
the rain did not help Linda's cold and she is coughing
pretty bad again today. I am in the studio on Saturday
from 9am to 3pm (after 3 I may try to take a bike ride!)
I plan to work on a commission so feel free to visit.

If you were planning to place an order for one of the
new prints, taking advantage of the opening price you
should do it soon, especially if you want it by Christmas.
Price goes up 1/1/09!

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